Matt Giraud, Director / Editor (photo by Michael Jones)

Matt Giraud, Director / Editor (photo by Michael Jones)

I love finding the heart of every story, every idea, and bringing it to life.

As a director, shooter, and editor here at Gyroscope Pictures, that’s made my film projects diverse and incredibly rewarding: from a sweeping introduction to Portland’s Sunday Parkways, and a music video for Parking Kitty featuring Moshow, to a brand relaunch for Oregon Walks and a spot repositioning and revitalizing Oregon Zoolights, to dramatic book trailers for authors Debra Ginsberg and Hal Kwalwasser and short documentaries on affordable housing and alternative transportation. And more. My 2001 documentary “Life in Vine” was distributed through the PBS network and generously hailed by the LA Times as “lushly photographed” and “lyrical.”

Sometimes these projects stand on their own, but more often they’re part of something bigger, a larger campaign I’ve developed for a client as Creative Director at Gyroscope Creative, or as a still photographer. Either way, the secret sauce is connection through clear, passionate communication.

Let’s make something together: email me.