From a spot for the Parking Kitty app, featuring Moshow

Parking Kitty

This music video we directed and shot for the City of Portland’s new parking meter app was a huge success, trending on Twitter locally. But it was getting a front row seat to watch an incredibly talented musician at work that really made this project memorable.

You know: remember that time you had an incredibly talented artist perform for you, and you alone, live and right in front of you? Yeah, me neither… until I shot this spot. As you’ll see in the vid, there’s a set-up with Moshow driving and rapping – well, that’s just him and the camera and me, driving around and around a traffic circle near Riverplace. Moshow’s talent and charisma are obvious in the vid, but man, it’s nothing compared to the man himself. I remember watching each take unfold in the viewfinder with my jaw dropped, incredulous – just overwhelming waves of talent, again and again.

Wow. And now, through the magic of the internet, you get to sit in the front seat, too!