Vinfolk: Cameron Winery's Guide to Making Pinot Noir

Cameron Winery’s Vinfolk

On the cusp of a new release, Cameron Winery realized it was time for gathering. Intentionally. Artisanally. Community-y. And so we joined them in quiet celebration to direct, shoot and cut this video that, at last, shares the wholesome, hand-curated way fine Pinot Noir is really made. Until…

This is our third film for Cameron, an iconoclastic Oregon winery that’s always played by its own rules – and created stunning Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc to back it up. Starting from their brilliant, tongue-thoroughly-in-cheek concept, we produce, direct, shoot and cut the hilarious results.

So gather yourself to a look at Vinfolk, and then for encores, Drop Kick and Mondo Ego. All definitely better with a glass of Cameron.