Author: Matt

  • Portland’s Transportation System Plan

    Portland’s Transportation System Plan

    Portland’s Transportation System Plan (TSP) is the city’s 350-page roadmap for the next 20 years. My task was to distill it into a 7-minute introduction that conveyed the key issues and challenges in a way any citizen could understand.

  • Eye in the Sky

    Eye in the Sky

    Portland’s Bureau of Transportation asked me to collaborate on a simple experiment: in 15 minutes at rush hour, how many people do cars vs buses vs bikes move down a certain street? It was part of an effort to convince City Council to invest in “rose lanes,” special bus-only lanes to pull transit out of…

  • Cave of Fermented Dreams

    Cave of Fermented Dreams

    This past summer, I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to document an earth-shattering discovery: a primitive cave culture whose works had lain dormant for untold years. Journey along with us as we uncork… the Cave of Fermented Dreams!

  • Designing a Smarter Street

    Designing a Smarter Street

    Portland’s Bureau of Transportation had a problem: there were just too many fatalities and injuries – both pedestrian and driver – on some of the city’s east side streets, but the solution seemed so counter-intuitive their constituents rebelled. So they asked me to help explain the logic behind the new strategy and reboot the communications behind…

  • Icebreaker Cool-Lite

    Icebreaker Cool-Lite

    This was our second shoot for Icebreaker, the pioneering New Zealand merino wool clothing company: we were the US-based production team for this under-the-hood video on Cool-Lite, an incredibly spiffy product that’s a blend of merino and Tencel, a fiber made from raw eucalyptus pulp that’s not only sustainable, but has amazing moisture-management properties.

  • Parking Kitty

    Parking Kitty

    This music video we directed and shot for the City of Portland’s new parking meter app was a huge success, trending on Twitter locally. But it was getting a front row seat to watch an incredibly talented musician at work that really made this project amazing.

  • The Living History Project

    The Living History Project

    This summer, I was honored to donate some of my time to a co-production of the Living History Project and The Immigrant Story, filming and interviewing a diverse cross-section of North Portland residents about their lives and communities.

  • Cameron Spritz

    Cameron Spritz

    One of the most revered Pinot Noir and Chardonnay producers in the state tries their hand at the lowliest of beverage categories, the wine cooler. And why not? It’s summer, and it’s hot outside. So I shot and cut a couple of quick promos for this scintillating concoction – Cameron Spritz – working from their…

  • Cameron Winery’s Vinfolk

    Cameron Winery’s Vinfolk

    On the cusp of a new release, Cameron Winery realized it was time for gathering. Intentionally. Artisanally. Community-y. And so we joined them in quiet celebration to direct, shoot and cut this video that, at last, shares the wholesome, hand-curated way fine Pinot Noir is really made. Until…

  • Transform with Us: the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine

    Transform with Us: the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine

    Asked to capture the spirit and rigor that has made the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine “the Harvard of Chinese medical schools” (as Dr. Hong Jin wryly says in the piece), we created this branding and inspiration video as it settled into its new campus in downtown Portland.