A trailer for Debra Ginsberg's 'The Neighbors are Watching' from Gyroscope Pictures

The Neighbors Are Watching: The Trailer

Book trailers really hit the sweet spot of my skillset – as a writer, an obsessive reader, and a visual artist – and they’re increasingly mandatory to stand out in the crowded publishing world.

So we were the ideal choice to create a trailer for acclaimed author Debra Ginsberg’s new novel, The Neighbors Are Watching, her thriller from Crown Publishing:

Set against the backdrop of the deadly 2007 wildfires that forced the evacuation of half a million San Diego residents, Debra Ginsberg’s new novel, The Neighbors Are Watching, examines the dark side of suburbia – a place where everyone has something to hide.

Are you feeling the same a spine-tingle I’m feeling? Neighbors is an excellent read, as well-written and insightful as it is propulsive, so our challenge was to capture some of that heady flavor without giving too much away – the idea is to entice you to buy the book, after all! I think we struck exactly the right balance, shooting on location in Del Mar, California, on a street eerily like the one fictionalized in the book.

And yes, the neighbors were watching us – but we worked quickly and efficiently and left nary a trace. Even the “stunt cake” was consumed by the crew almost immediately after the window shot wrapped.

Let me know if I can help get your book watched. For more information, and to check out Debra’s other great books, visit debraginsberg.com