'Who owns the Road?' from Gyroscope Pictures

Who owns the Road?

We live our lives in such a sea of distractions, it’s a wonder we even see what’s in front of us. And that’s a problem, especially when we’re hurtling around a ton of metal and wheels: bike riders, pedestrians, even other drivers are frighteningly easy to miss – which is to say, well, not miss.

That’s the idea behind this PSA we created for the Eye to Eye Safety Campaign: it’s time to start seeing everyone, because everyone owns the road – not just the smug driver and his pithy bumper sticker in this spot.

This was a complex shoot and an even more complex edit, blending live action and stills to freeze a critical moment in time so that for an instant, our driver does in fact see everything around him. And the rewards are life-saving.

This PSA ran on the big screen – in movie theaters – and was co-sponsored by the City of Eugene, Oregon, and the Bicycle Transportation Alliance.