Cave of Fermented Dreams. Matt Giraud, direction, videography, editorial

Cave of Fermented Dreams

This past summer, I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to document an earth-shattering discovery: a primitive cave culture whose works had lain dormant for untold years. I was there as a crack team of scientists and explorers uncovered artifacts, interpreted crude markings, and slowly pieced together the heady, improbable story of this bizarre and archaic civilization.

It’s the dream of every documentarian: being there, with a camera, when history is uncovered – and, uh, made up. Journey along with us as we uncork… the Cave of Fermented Dreams!

This was my sixth video collaboration with the wonderful and talented folks at Cameron Winery. Working from an initial brainstorm, I directed, shot and cut this subterranean parody as they riffed brilliantly on the concept. It’s their only significant marketing every year, and it expresses with great precision their utter, sublime uniqueness in the world of wine. And I can guarantee you, that’s reflected in the beautiful and eloquent wine they make as well.

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