From a spot for "Designing a Smarter Street" for PBOT (Gyroscope Pictures)

Designing a Smarter Street

Portland’s Bureau of Transportation had a problem: there were just too many fatalities and injuries – both pedestrian and driver – on some of the city’s east side streets, but the solution seemed so counter-intuitive their constituents rebelled. So they asked me to help explain the logic behind the new strategy and reboot the communications behind their outreach.

My counsel was to address the controversy at the center of the new design head on: yeah, how is it that halving the number of lanes won’t make the commute twice as long? So I wrote the script, directed and shot it with a charming volunteer narrator from the Bureau, collaborated with an artist to create clear, explanatory animations, then cut it all together.

Kudos to PBOT for working tirelessly to make our streets safer.

[See the PBOT-hosted version of this video here.]