Icebreaker Cool-Lite

This was our second shoot for Icebreaker, the pioneering New Zealand merino wool clothing company. For this one, we were the US-based production team for this under-the-hood video on Cool-Lite, an incredibly spiffy product that’s a blend of merino and Tencel, a fiber made from raw eucalyptus pulp that’s not only sustainable, but has amazing moisture-management properties.

It leveraged one of our specialties: interviewing and getting genuine, inspired and insightful performances from people who aren’t actors. Part of it is prep, fiendishly researching the topic in advance so we know where to guide the interview – so we can dive deep with our subjects but also know when to help them unpack their knowledge into terms and concepts anyone can understand.

But most important part is the interview itself, talking people where they’re most comfortable – their expertise – through a relaxed but focused conversation that draws out their genuine passion for what they do. It’s amazing: I always come away inspired.

We’d helped with a similar project a few months prior for refresh of the company’s core product, its incredibly comfortable base layers (yes, I’m a believer!). Shot for an internal sales launch, we interviewed key members of the design team (which is based here in Portland) about new innovations and the timeless advantages of merino wool, getting them to talk not only about the product, but why the believe in it. We also shot the product itself, diving into the glorious weave with motion and rack focus.